The Kali Girls:
"Kali Girls" draws thematic inspiration from the depiction of the Hindu Goddess Kali found in traditional Indian Art. (Paraphrased, Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction.)

For some western viewers, the way traditional Indian art portrays Kali's powers and purpose can often be translated as simultaneously macabre, disturbed and oddly erotic-just as some depictions of Jesus Christ or one of the Saint's sufferings would appear to be to someone who was unfamiliar with Christian Iconography.

"Kali Girls" draws more thematic inspiration from the prints of Kali from Kaligat, India. Kaligat is a town that has a temple to Kali at its epicenter, thus making it a destination for pilgrims. With this specific tourism, Kaligat, over the years has turned into a town which families of artists' colonies call home. They mass produce and sell prints to pilgrims which portray the Goddess Kali infused sometimes with wry social commentary and humor.

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