The Trust Series:
In any successful relationship, a large amount of physical and emotional trust is necessary for the partnership to survive and, in turn, thrive. Luckily, my wife is a choreographer and has her own dance company: dance ceres.

By studying the controlled relationships that exist between dancers and their partners, I was routinely impressed that the amount of physical trust necessary to complete even the smallest phrase, seemed to reach operatic proportions. Rather than simply exploiting dancers for their physical beauty or depicting Dance as an art form of expression (with its own fundamental language and ideas of beauty and grace), I chose to portray the reality of efforts, both physical and emotional, within the dancer's world. The depths of these efforts are usually invisible during performance, but I found them to be the source of my inspiration. In the rehearsal process I was able to focus on capturing the tension within these relationships and expose a moment within each partnership when faith overcomes fear.

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